Yn Her A King Rises

Henry Kissinger (1984) at NYC Museum of Modern Art Gala

The inversion of typical height for EGI individals is covered in two previous articles on size – Short list and Tall list. Size as a criterium for detecting EGI individuals should however not be utilized on its own as we also need to factor in the Elites awareness to the issue. Indeed, height is clearly an issue as the Elite invert gender on a larger scale, even if it seem simplistic on the surface. Inverted couples will unmistakably have a tendency of being composed of reverse height, so the most mediated celebrity couples will therefore be carefully constituted as to conceal such apparent qualities as height. Going back in time, the Elite were probably not able to control height to the degree we see today.

Henry Alfred Kissinger (1923) is sometimes referred to as the american architect of evil and even a mass murderer . As the secretary of state to both Nixon and Ford, Kissinger has remained a central figure in international politics ever since he gained influence, notably with his book on nuclear war and his role as study director in nuclear weapons and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In other words, Henry A. Kissinger is scary and also very deceptive – a war criminal to many yet still a nobel prize winner (Vietnam war, 1973). And apparently a very influential man – yet more probably a woman in disguise…

Henry A. Kissinger
Yn Her A King Rises

The anagram made from Henry Kissinger’s name might be overly apparent, but the wordplay only take on it’s full meaning after we have a basic understanding of Elite Gender Inversion. The power of anagrams is that the occult meaning and intention is subconsciously understood and a spell can be literally cast upon us undetected by our conscious mind. The position of power that Kissinger’s name covertly signify can be said to have literally come true over the ages. If there ever was a “King Maker” Kissinger seem to have cunningly lived up to his spellcraft.

As an Elite Gender Inverted individual, Kissinger must be considered to stem from an older generation. In his upbringing between the two wars he did not have the perfected medical protocols of today – and neither had his wife Nancy. When we see the Kissinger couple together, the opposite gender characteristics are unmistakeable. We have big male features in Nancy and feminine, close features her FTM husband. Together the Kissinger’s form a typically inverted couple and members of the seemingly most influential club in the world – the EGI.

Henry and Nancy Kissinger (2015) attending dinner at the White House
•typical inverted height difference and body type – she has the long limbs an big smile, he has the short neck, arms and legs

Henry Kissinger (2016) is still active and will advise newly elected president Donald Trump in the Crimea conflict
•with age Kissinger demonstrate all female aging features without any brow structure at all – also of note are the colored female lips and lack of facial hair

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8 thoughts on “Yn Her A King Rises”

  1. These elites are harder to expose, since we won’t get them in two piece bathing suits.

    The waist, hips, and Q angle are very hard to obscure. Without these measurements, we are in very speculative territory.

    1. I find most that most individuals are difficult confirm, and of course regarding the uttermost Elite we do have to make the cases even more clear than what i have done so far.

      To assess Kissingers body proportions he do figure prominently in imagery and I’ve been able to verify that he indeed have narrow shoulders and and a sizable waist. In the facial features he consistently show lack of brow-ridge an close set eyes and female mouth. His colored lips are also troubling as this is normally only found in women. Kissinger’s wife Nancy is also a part of the investigation, and she really look like a trans-sexual, much like Melania.

      There are additional images in the forum post – appreciate anyone that find additional material to the case as a whole:

      Henry Kissinger shaving in the White House
      •notice narrow shoulders and large waist

  2. According to Kay Griggs ( you can find her interviews on the internet) H. Kissinger is a “closet” homosexuell. She knew of married men who were raped by this monster.

  3. Very interesting that Kay Griggs have made such allegations – it both adds to Kissinger’s role as a monster as it affirms his sexuality as a male.

    To me Kay Griggs seem suspicious as she’s the wife of Colonel Griggs, ex. head of NATO’s Psychological Operations. Once someone is in the club, it is hard to believe they ever would leave it.

    Griggs 8 hour video of the 11 years she spent with her horrible husband seem awfully scripted as a horror story that much reminds of Cathy O’Brien’s MK Ultra “confessions”.


    1. @marin2

      I have a hard time to take witness testimonies like Kay Grigg’s seriously as she obviously believe in the reality of the horrors of the 1993 Beirut bombings, Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 etc.

      Daryl Bradford Smith who interviews her is also a very strange fish. He apparently served 11 months in the Army under a different name (Setter) and closed down his website in fear of French legislation and prosecution. He also was produced by the Genesis network (same as Alex Jones) and is a virulent anti-zionist, although he displays typical jewish looks himself. DBS has also been in feuds with Jeff Rense, Eric Hufschmidt and other ‘truthers“.

      Kay Griggs DBS partial interview (Kissinger accusations 13:00-16:15)

      Daryl Bradford Smith

      1. I agree. Any “whistleblower” who does not acknowledge hoaxes is very likely a plant in my book. This what makes anything “exposed” by Assange and Wiki Leaks highly suspect.

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