The Godmother

Al Capone with his head enlarging mobster hat and the habitual cigar (around 1930)

No doubt that contemporary urban violence and horror are in large parts influenced by the image left from the numerous gangsters that roamed the city streets since early last century. The big kingpin of urban violence is of course the supreme mobster Don – the Godfather.

No don has done more for the mobster image than the original “Scarface”, Alphonse Gabriel Capone (1899-1947). Al Capone reigned supreme in Chicago from January 1925 when mafia chief Torrio handed over the reigns to Capone. After much violence and ins and outs with justice, Capone left a bloody trail of 33 bodies behind when he was ultimately sent away to Atlanta US Penitentiary in May 1932 to serve an 11-year sentence for tax evasion…

Capone was predictably aged 33 at the end of his 7 year reign over Chicago and weighed in heavy at 110kg upon incarceration. Responsible for multiple brothels, the big Don was not only overweight at this point, but also afflicted with several sexual deceases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea. He might have been considered a fuckalot by the standards of the interwar period.

Maybe Capone was at his outmost best when portrayed in the Godfather series of films (1972-90), most notably incarnated by Marlon Brando. Robert de Niro who also portrayed Al Capone as a youngster came across as way too thin compared to the beefy Capone. Brando with his chubby figure was a better fit as he equally shared some of Capone’s soft looks.

Al Capone is portrayed as scary from his facial scars (hence Scarface) and count of victims and even was elected public enemy n° 1 (Chicago 1930) – but Don Capone looked all but masculine when analysed anatomically with his short arms, small hands, close facial features, short mouth, full red lips, prominent eyelashes and shallow eyes. The Don seems a Donna and Al Capone part of the EGI as a female to male trickster.

I’m like any other man. I’ve been in this racket long enough to realize that a man in my game must take the breaks, the fortunes of war. I haven’t had any peace of mind in years. Every minute I’m in danger of death.”
-Alphonse Gabriel Capone

Not much seems to have changed since the time of the artificially created prohibition. The violence of todays terrorism seems as artificial as the glorified mobsters of the day, and the numerous films and lifetime actors likewise. If the Godfather is in reality a harmless, armless Donna, was any of the mobster violence even ever real ?

Al Capone during trial 1929 – looking as confident as always
•Typical female round head-shape with complete lack of neck and Adams apple, no jawline, no cheekbones, little brow structure an pulpous (red) lips 

Al Capone during another trial 1931
•Small shallow eyes, no neck, fleshy female cheeks and no cheekbone and typically female pulpous (red) lips – smiling helps FTM impersonation as it widens the mouth that is otherwise clearly short with full lips

Al Capone ca. 1930
•Despite the hat, suit and tie – Capone displays typically female body features with small ribcage, little to no neck, short arms, small hands and overall feminine chubbiness.

Al Capone ca. 1930
•Again typically female body features with very narrow shoulders despite clothes, small chest area  little to no neck, very short arms and discernible important hips.

Al Capone in Miami – mid or late 1920s
•By judging Capone from the belly, arms and kid alone – anyone would expect this individual to be a pregnant woman (speculation here) – he/she has very short motherly  arms indeed… 

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North, East, West, South - our media encode, script and popularize stories that aim to control the general population. Information is not free or harmless - rather a controlled and refined weapon covertly used on our minds ever since its inception - and model - the Babel.

23 thoughts on “The Godmother”

  1. Fascinating as always, UNreal. Sorry I haven’t checked in at the forums for a while. I did see your response about boxing and your other recent additions. I just had to comment on this one. I never realized Al Capone had such pretty eyes, lol. And where is his famous “scar” exactly? I don’t see one and that’s something I never understood because I’ve never noticed an obvious facial to merit such a nickname.

    Anyway, as soon as you brought up brutal mafia horror stories, I thought of another character whose tales of brutality haunted my mind since seeing an infamous TV interview with him way back when. Notorious mob hitman Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski:

    Could he actually be an “Icewoman?” Here’s a shot showing some similar close-set, pudgy feminine features:

    Another angle showing a complete lack of brow ridge:

    Here he is with his wife who has a Amy Whinehouse quality to her:

    A younger photo of the couple displaying the wife’s straight-bodied physique and an oddly feminine posture by alleged “tough guy” Iceman:

    Both photos indicate that his “imposing” height of 6’5″ was likely a myth-perpetuating exaggeration, unless his wife was incredibly tall as well.

    1. You are quite right – Capone indeed have pretty eyes – and feminine mouth with red lips too !

      We must expect by now that any narrative that is recurrent and prominently propagated by the movie industry must be part of contrivances – and the mob quite fit the bill for what we now understand as terrorism – organised crime. I’d dare to speculate that if Capone was but an EGI actor – then the fix is in. And everyone might go to Sicily in peace. Well – beware of nice looking males in bikini nevertheless…

      Agree on Kuklinski, with a name like “Iceman” and parents like that – he sure comes from an EGI family. Even if he really got some good beatings at home – my advice would be for “Ice” to keep away from him mothers long arms ! Wow – what a couple – very good illustration of how this inversion runs in families. Often very far back we might suspect…

      Pertaining to scars, Capone does feature them in some imagery, but seems to mostly “turn the other cheek” so to say. The topic of self-inflicted damage is a very pertinent one nevertheless. We might have to habituate ourselves with the fact that these EGI individuals are quite obsessive about their life time actor roles – so much so they can be expected to voluntarily scar and hurt themselves – even accept more severe mutilations.

      For EGI ftm individuals it is clear that they do not mind being altered to appear less “pretty” as they often have their noses enlarged and brows augmented (with dermal fillers moreso than implants).

      1. Oh – and your hunch about the Mafia is the same as mine – there is no way all those “bad” guys were all that “bad”. And as Al Capone tend to demonstrate, many of the tough guys were not natural born men at all – the tough, dangerous narrative is as good a disguise as any sex-scandal or sexy spouse…

        As counterintuitive as it may seem – criminal feats well hide troublesome gender identity.

        Pablo Escobar look pretty bad too – and it doesn’t help he’s featured in so many films and tv-series…

  2. Wow, those are some long arms on Mrs. Iceman! Reminds me of Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz:

    Ah, there’s the scar. It does add a bit of necessary “ruggedness.”

    I’m having difficulty posting comments over a certain length. It seems to scroll down the comment box too far which makes the “Post Comment” button disappear. I’ll post the rest of my reply in a new comment.

  3. I recall taking a tour of Alcatraz as a kid and being frightened by the stories the tour guide told us of Capone and the other ruthless inmates. I distinctly remember my father confirming the depiction saying these are the kinds of guys “who would kill me, you and your sister without batting an eye.” Well, now I’m wondering if the island should have been named Alca-tranz!

    When I think of Alcatraz, aside from Al Capone, I think of the famous prisoner Robert Stroud known as the “Birdman of Alcatraz”:

    Here we have another curious nickname with “bird” (meaning “woman” in British slang) and “man.” In other words, “woman-man.” [Comment cut off again. Continued below]

    1. Very interesting – you are probably right : Alcatraz never held any “regular” prisoners.

      When you build a high security prison on a remote island, you have a very practical “black hole” – like the Bataclan or the Pulse act in a terrorist event. No-one can know what really happens on the inside – it’s like a tunnel. So to sell the fake reality – the Elite invert once more. They make Alcatraz the “most” guarded prison on Earth, only it’s the opposite.

      All “prisoners” at Alcatraz were agents and lifetime actors

      That would mean that to stage a useful scarecrow and “échappatoire” like a high security prison – everyone must be in on it to keep quiet. Therefore, if Al Capone was at Alcatraz and there were any “real” prisoners on site – it would be difficult not to notice Capone was absent… The safest (only?) solution is that only “hoax” prisoners go to Alcatraz – which show us how much of the news and criminality is faked and how many are EGI.

  4. I’m not sure what to make of these three mugshots of Stroud over time. He appears angularly masculine enough but there’s a touch of femininity as well:

    I’m not gonna call EGI on him but it is strange that he has the looks of a handsome movie star in the middle photo. What are the odds someone who looks like that would turn out to be a career criminal? Well, maybe he was an “actor” after all?

    1. Agree – Stroud looks strange but not transpicuous from what i see. Then again we must remember we will mostly just find the “obvious” cases – so very believable cases of EGI is surely a reality as well as there are really bad ones….

  5. You’re probably right about Alcatraz. So many stories and myths surrounding it, inspiring movies like “Escape From Alcatraz,” “Murder In The First” and “The Rock.” It’s a very popular money-making tourist attraction where tourists reach the island by way of Pier 33 on Fisherman’s Warf. The name Alcatraz apparently comes from an archaic Spanish word for “pelican.” Now check out this interesting entry about pelican symbolism in Christianity:

    [Dang, this Post Comment button problem is driving me nuts. Continued in the next comment.]

    1. Pelicans are used to symbolize Christ’s self-sacrifice, apparently due to how they rest their bills on their chests in a “stabbing” fashion. This led to the legend of pelicans self-wounding and blood-letting to feed their young. A depiction of this can be seen in this 1944 Scottish blood transfusion poster:

      Interesting how this fits in with Capone’s possible scarring self-injury and the idea of mutilating oneself through EGI.

      1. I also noticed something else interesting about mythical mafia tough guys Al “Scarface” Capone and Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski. Supposedly, Kuklinsi committed his first murder at the tender age of 13 or 14. From his Wiki bio:

        “Kuklinski claimed that he first killed in adolescence, allegedly using a closet clothes-hanging rod to bludgeon a neighborhood boy who had bullied and teased him.”

        And from this bio:

        [See next comment]

        1. “Kuklinski first killed his number one enemy. In 1948, Kuklinski, 13, ambushed and beat Charley Lane, the leader of a small gang of teenagers known as “The Project Boys,” who had bullied him for some time. Following a particularly bad beating Richard sought revenge, attacking Charley Lane with a thick wooden dowel eventually beating him to death… Kuklinski then went in search of the other boys in the gang. He seized a metal pole from a trash can and beat all of them nearly to death.”

          The murder weapons of a “thick wooden dowel”, rod and pole definitely have phallic interpretations, with one depiction describing the rod as coming from a “closet.” He allegedly attacked a group of bullies who had essentially emasculated him. Very interesting.

          1. And this leads me to one of the most memorable scenes from “The Untouchables” in which Capone beats a cigar-smoking associate to death with a phallic baseball bat:

            Note the overhead shot at the end with the broken phallic cigar surrounded by blood and knives. The movie was directed by Brian De Palma who made at least two movies featuring cross-dressing killers, “Dressed To Kill” and “Raising Cain.” There are also some interesting things in De Palma’s Wiki bio:


  6. [Sorry, it won’t let me add another reply to my previous comment.] Continuing on De Palma. First, he was born on 9/11. And he has sub-section on his Wiki page called “Transition to Hollywood” which is interesting for a director whose controversial violent depiction of transgenderism in “Dressed To Kill” is seen as a controversial cultural milestone. He has also been accused of being a misogynist:

    Julie Salamon has written that De Palma has been accused of being “a perverse misogynist” by critics. De Palma has responded to accusations of misogyny by saying: “I’m always attacked for having an erotic, sexist approach—chopping up women, putting women in peril. I’m making suspense movies! What else is going to happen to them?”

      1. I should also add that Capone’s speech in the baseball bat scene is about working “for the team.” So if this scene possibly symbolizes phallic violence and mutilation, “taking one for the team” makes sense regarding Elite Gender Inversion. Again, back to the self-wounding, self-sacrificing pelican theme. Am I taking this too far?

  7. Kuklinski sure brings up many hints at sexuality and as i read it too, EGI. The references are many, even Kuk-lin-ski could be Nil-sik-kuk (or in french : ‘Nile sick cock’) as an anagram – which also explain his victims name “Lane” (an-el or en-al) and first name Tracy could be seen as a pun to “Dick Tracy”. The references to the closet is clearly the occult. Iceman’s second wife is a good find – no way someone with parents like this and a wife like Nancy Allen (all-in or en-all) can be estranged from EGI.

    There is also another interesting textual tidbit as Kuklinski killed his “number one enemy” just as Al Capone was Chicago’s “Enemy n° 1” – this appears another meme from the very same scriptwriters. Here is then a list of what must all be suspected hoaxed characters:

    •Al Capone (Chicago 1930)
    •John Dillinger (FBI 1934)
    •Pretty Boy Floyd (FBI 1930s)
    •Baby Face Nelson (FBI 1930s)
    •Alvin Karpis (FBI 1930s)
    •Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán (Chicago in 2013)

    The scene from “Untouchables” is pretty gruesome but well acted and staged – the message seems to be both exoteric & esoteric in that no-one leaves their “team” then by judgeing the cigar and ring on the dead mafioso’s finger – no one leave the inner circle of freemasonry/egi alive. The cigar must obey the bat and the bat-men.

    Symbolism has its merits and it is possible there is a pelican theme in the Alcatraz name which i agree is reminiscent of Al Capone’s scarring and possible self-sacrifice. As seen in the Untouchables clip, it is also possible to make very believable scars by stage make-up, but the symbology stay the same nevertheless. If FTM individuals accept broken noses (nose enlargement) and excessive weight i see no big step to do surgical lacerations.

    As the entire prohibition and mobster violence seems to have been scripted in the same lodge, it does strike as peculiar that Alcatraz and Al Capone are so textually linked (al-ca-traz and al-ca-pone). The Zayin is there too, and when combined we could have something like al-ca-trapone-z. “Trap One” in other words, carefully prepared for public ennemies n° 1.

    I’m of the opinion we need to go as far as possible in this research – the perpetrators obviously see no limit and we are still not at the end of new discoveries. So many hoaxes depend on the scam being so big it is impossible for common men to believe. Building the biggest towers there are or the most secure prison ever are thus strategies of the same nature – just as is EGI – believe it or not.

    1. Well, I admire the towers you have constructed in downtown EGI City, UNreal. It does make sense that these legendary male mob monsters would be perfect candidates for inversion mind-games, similar to legendary boxing “monsters” like Mike Tyson. Although did want to add that if Tyson is indeed inverted, he would be an extreme example as he has an unusually prominent brow-ridge even for a male and I believe I did see something flopping around in his pants in that shadow-boxing clip I referenced on the thread a while back. But that’s off-topic from this discussion.

  8. And this “gangster” psyop extends to present times, of course with El Chapo. I see what you mean about his feminine pudginess. I keep seeing this “notorious” Latino gang MS-13 in the news lately. Apparently, it’s leader Edwin Manica Flores (aka “Shugar”) ran the gang from prison:

    I can’t seem to find a photo of Flores, but his name contains some gender play with Man-ica, Flores = flowers and “sugar.” I wouldn’t be surprised if once we see his photo, he turns out to be a visually transpicious character as well.

    1. This could be taking it a bit too far but could the gang name MS-13 even be referencing transgenderism? We have an “Ms. = Miss” and a 13 that evokes the image of a penis and breasts together? I dunno, but I’m very curious to see this “Shugar” character. Strange that no articles seem to contain a photo, even though the guy has already been in the prison system, according to the story.

      Oh, and El Chapo also has the word “chap” (male) in it, similar to one of my other favorites, Tracy Chap-Man, lol.

      And finally, going along with Al-Ca-pone and Al-ca-traz, didn’t Capone’s business deal with selling illegal al-co-hol during Prohibition?

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