Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Interesting observations.

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6 years ago

Indeed – Hans Wormhat desserve merit for breaking EGI “Mpreg” or Male Pregnancy open. Not only do we have many exemples of suspect cases – it also represents the final Occam’s Razor argument in the fundamental question on EGI : how does the Elite manage to reproduce if they are inverted ?

The general lack of interest and serious reflection on the topic of Elite Gender Inversion has made the debate evolve around the trivial question of whether secretly inverted individuals are real or a “hoax”. Of course this primitive state of affairs has made discussion on EGI quite sterile and more often than not divisive and uncivil.

I do not follow Youtube very closely (although i should) as many “transvestigators” do tend to be misleading and have a different more sensationalist take on EGI. Nevertheless, video is a very efficient media and clearly overpower written articles today. Pregvestigation material is probably going to be attacked and ridiculed, but those who have the ability to stop and think will notice it does make sense and fit the Elite’s insatiable ambition to present falsehoods as truth.

(just posted the article ‘Male Mother Mystery‘ on the blog from an older EGI forum entry on how the Elite might stage their Mpreg act)

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