Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

One two knockout for the transgenda.

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6 years ago

As we have seen with plastic surgery and hormones (Leslie Kenton) – the experts who propagate the mainstream media are themselves not exempt of deception regarding their own gender-identity.

Dr Michelle Cretella (anagram for Cretella : ‘All Erect’) appears to have a big skull, deep wide set eyes, large mouth and apparent trachea.

The exoteric Transagenda is much like feminism, homosexuality and other gender typical movement seemingly spearheaded by Elite EGI characters. The esoteric agenda of transgenderism is deeply rooted and accepted figures such as this Cretella ‘All Erect’ doctor well illustrate how deceptive many of these characters really are.

Lately MrE has highlighted a number of similarly disguised women to Dr. Cretella in Politicians and other officials. The tactic here is not like Hollywood where women are made pretty by clever enhancement. Rather when it it comes to ‘serious’ professionals the tactics seem to be making these characters unpleasant on the opposite side of pretty.

6 years ago

Controlled opposition is everywhere it seems – both in the mainstream media and alternative media as well as present in many if not most professions – especially when it comes to medicine and health.

If we add gender-related material and procreation – it seems hard to find anyone cisgender and/or honest speaking the cause of the general public. Jeanice Barcelo comes to mind.

There is no control outside of total control – and the Elite seems to deploy every effort necessary to stay ahead of the public and lead every opinion we have and that we might think of having.

It can be instructive to remember that even the major part of the alternative researchers we might have followed in the past today often will appear fraudulent or guilty of gatekeeping on closer inspection.

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