Economics of breastfeeding 

Like everything else, it comes down to corporate/government cooperation (fascism) profits before health and welfare. Yes, breastfeeding by women is recommended here, unlike the previous inversion post. 

David talks with George Kent, an emeritus professor at the Universityh of Hawai’i, who has long studied and advocated the human right to food. According to him, this includes the right of infants to breastfeed, and his new books, “Governments Push Infant Formula” and “Caring About Hunger” discuss this issues. How is that a man becomes an advocate for breastfeeding, how do governments overtly, covertly and accidentally promote formula over breastfeeding?

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* Published: 2017-04-04 3:52:35 PM

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likes this

Wayne and Janet Gretzky reversos?  

Wayne is a natural treasure. 

He’s always been soft spoken, humble, charitable. He’s always been protected by the big men on his trams as a player. 

Is he an EGI project of the elites? 

I don’t want to believe it bit I also cannot ignore the possibility. 

His wife and her look always bothered me. 

Is EGI the reason? 

Humble brought it up early in today’s show, but laughed it off. Listen at 18:33 

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