Sweet Valerie Bertinelli

Another childhood sweetheart falls under the transvestigator eye. 

Valerie Bertinelli was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Her father was a General Motors executive. In her early teens, her father was transferred to a GM assembly plant in the Detroit, Michigan area and her family resided in Clarkston, Michigan where she attended Clarkston Middle School. A short time later, her father again was transferred to another GM automotive plant in Van Nuys, California. 


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Valerie Bertinelli”

  1. its funny our family on Sundays watches some cooking show she now does.
    the family is enjoying the show while the whole time of the show I am studying her for being a possible mtf. perfect timing on this one as I just watched her show yesterday.

    also, I think Penny Oleksiak is a MTF. head to shoulder ratio 3:1, shoulders wider than hips.
    male jawline, overall male look,

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