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@rntoine Completely agree – most plastic surgeons are… When you consider how important plastic surgery is to EGI it is normal that they “rule” the discipline – as well as they are all over hormones as the exemple of Leslie Kenton shows from the EGI forum thread… –
— Here is Dr Joe Niamtu (anagram for Niamtu = "I Am Nut") displaying bad digit ratio with a collegue – this “guy” is normally very good at disguising digit comparison, but the joy of being together with a another young, short-teeth EGI entity in training might have made Niamtu a bit careless here… –(edited)


All of Niamtu’s imagery looks very staged with deliberate poses – here is a cute one eye shot according to script…
And another one (less obvious, but still) where we once again see the long index, short nose, close eyes, short mouth and complete lack of brow-ridge & Adams apple. – Of course, as a master of chin implants, this “nut” sure has his jawline nicely redone but it’s still obvious that this character is nevetheless very transpicious indeed.


Couldn’t resist posting. Moderate as knecessary.
discovered while legitimately researching possible EG inversion in Country and Western musical acts.

Mr. UFO10/26/2017




Mr. UFO10/26/2017

Beta boi


Niamtu sounds like a made up name.

October 27, 2017


Agree @rntoine – Niamtu is very rare indeed and probably because it is a composed form of a script tag-line of some sort. Anagrams are often used to such subliminal effect as people unconsciously understand language both forwards and backwards in infancy – hence the use of backmasking in a variety of pop-songs like “Hotel California” etc. – The subconscious effects of subliminal language are provable and probably why Niamtu chose to use such techniques in his struggle for fame and social success. Even though the encoded name does not in itself speak of Elite Gender Inversion, we can nevertheless assert that this doctor is deceptive and rather shrewd and that a family name often implies more than one person being involved in deceptive plans. I’d say this pattern makes this doctors profile very much compatible with what we know of induviduals who are suspect of EGI – deceptive with false or altered appearence. – A direct anagram for Niamtu is as mentioned above " I AM NUT "

napoleon wilson10/27/2017

i,m a nut


Yes – I'M A NUT works even better as a phonetic anagram… – And of course – nuts are somehow also gender-slander. In a very sly way this doctors subconsciously scpripted name might both be aimed at success as well as hint at gender-bending…. –


October 28, 2017


Even though the Chinese Space Program is FULL STEAM AHEAD i don’t recieve any popups or spam about it in the same way i get the NASA stuff

October 29, 2017


Rae :joy:
These wealthsimple bits @anounceofsaltperday haha
So grating


just like the Simpsons.. it works on so many levels


The “genderless” people so to say just appear that way to cis-gender’s i’d assume – to the Elite these people are “one” – or both sexes if you will. – From the article Typo posted in ‘General Unverified’ it does appear even robots are both sexes,,, The ‘female’ robot Sophia that was personified by being offered citizenship in Saudi Arabia has a face where it’s “creators” have very deviously managed to sneak in some typically male features – male length nose, wide set eyes and masculine square jaw. — The skull or even headsize/proportion might also be male (10% larger & heavier and more square/boxy than a curved female head)(edited)


@UNreal well analysed


she looks a little like a young Tom Hanks to me.
with a pinch of Audrey Hepburn + one other

October 30, 2017

HeroseLast Monday at 7:50 PM

I just met Matt Damon in NYC’s Nobu Restaurant. Shook his hand…which was REALLY fricking tiny!!! EGI?!?!

FakeologistLast Monday at 7:57 PM

wow on the fly research @Herose
@Fakeologist But I’m a Zammy whore. I gave Matt and All four women sitting at his table Zammy’s Instagram business card. Told Matt everyone says Zam-Bam should be in movies! I’m shameless! :joy:

FakeologistLast Monday at 8:03 PM

well done
you found apostle quickly
what about his hips

JustsayindudeLast Monday at 11:15 PM

Next time you reach out to shake his hand fake a stumble and go in low. Do it for the team!

October 31, 2017

AbyzLast Tuesday at 9:22 AM


November 1, 2017

Mr. UFOLast Wednesday at 1:02 PM

These ftm have these big ass foreheads

November 3, 2017

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:33 PM

just saw a MacGiver episdode with a very young Terri Hatch…. i was bitterly disappointed to see an Adams apple and long ring fingers… not Terri… not Terri….:confounded:

November 4, 2017

AbyzYesterday at 1:04 AM

Not Terri!!

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 1:22 AM

just hoping i am completely off track

FakeologistYesterday at 4:26 AM

we need to see her back and pelvis regions to be more conclusive

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:41 AM

@Fakeologist in the Macguyver episode she was very slim… no arse.. David Bowie look

ZalYesterday at 7:01 AM

masturbated to her for years and i did not turn out gay
your move globalists
and seriously this is getting ridiculus, how long exactly do you guys think hormones to todays extent have even been available?

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:10 AM

100 years

ZalYesterday at 7:10 AM

yet people here post black and white pictures with “proof”
just saying

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:12 AM

terri hatcher ?

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:12 AM

@Zal excellent taste you have

ZalYesterday at 7:12 AM

actually i feel the urge coming on

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:13 AM


anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:13 AM

@napoleon wilson i just can’t bring myself to believe it.. but she fits the bill

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:13 AM

im not having it need pics

ZalYesterday at 7:13 AM

i find egi a interesting meta commentary on conspiracy theory mindset

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:13 AM

posted above

ZalYesterday at 7:14 AM

basically you WILL find evidence for everything you look for
but are we past the point of real world correlation?

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:15 AM

@Zal are you zero tolerance on this topic?

ZalYesterday at 7:15 AM

no, i just havent seen anything very convincing
except sports as i always mention

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:16 AM

so Venus is a maybe?

ZalYesterday at 7:16 AM

i wouldnt know so yes
butch women and effiminate men exsists
she would be the best case for EGI
and easiest to prove no?
so prove it
and fingers arent proof

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:17 AM

i think they are male skeletons with female anatomy and visa versa

ZalYesterday at 7:18 AM

show me the weener or you have no case
just guessing

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:18 AM

I don’t think Venus has a weener.. I think she will have female genitals

ZalYesterday at 7:18 AM

its easy to establish if they are natural or not

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:19 AM

i think this is possible only by modifying hormones after conception

ZalYesterday at 7:19 AM

to my knowledge “trans” suffering delusionals cant have normal vaginas
just holes
stuff like this would probably show in various hormone tests aswell
i just dont see how the same people decrying photos as proof in 9/11 (rightfully so in my view)(edited)
use photos to “prove” egi
hell give me the right lens and ill make anyones fingers long enough
did we learn nothing from fish eye curve?
mainstream pushes identity politics and conspiracy media pushes a gender consipracy
net effect, you think about it , whatever demographic you fit(edited)
now that is programming, for a non issue
if no one gave these people attention we wouldnt have this insanity
instead kids are now confused as fuck when they are 12
since they have heard this BS from all angles for years
gender fluid should be renamed to “programmed out of your own sense of self”
so even IF egi is correct (and i highly doubt it) the very fact its a thing spawning video upon video etc, does the mainstreams work for the mainstream

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:31 AM

why is gender fluidity important?
why is gender emphasis on the nose?

ZalYesterday at 7:31 AM

it was an example
if you wanted to fight this insanity
you would not make talk about x might be female/male
you would tear the concept down

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:32 AM

how can we fight something when we don’t know its purpose?

ZalYesterday at 7:32 AM

transexuality is a mental disorder
and that is that

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:33 AM

why is this mental disorder being promulgated?

ZalYesterday at 7:33 AM

much better question
than who is a egi
see my point?
and its obvious why its being promulgated, its to seperate you from you
and its working

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:34 AM

i have no problems with your argument

ZalYesterday at 7:34 AM

ye we agree in principle i think
i just dont see how “transvestigating” people
solves the problem

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:34 AM

who wants to separate me from me.. and why?

ZalYesterday at 7:35 AM

even if you could prove it they would just be labeled a trans icon by the press
its the concept and mainstream promulgation you want to kill no?

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:35 AM

i want to understand the reason for the efforts that are being made to eliminate gender

ZalYesterday at 7:35 AM

as ive said many times being a trans person is not illegal
transvestigation is a waste of time
its like anything i suppose, its the identity version of socialism
it benefits controllers
you dont fight it by “outing” venus williams or whoever
even if you are right you dont win anything
you are just furthering the cause for them
start making people understand the very concept of trans is retarded

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:37 AM

a population control system?

ZalYesterday at 7:37 AM

and ill be right there with you
if you dont know you
they can tell you who you are
and they are
its same thing as socialism does with the job market etc
its about making you subservient to a system
that tells you your place
definition power
isnt that what laws are made on?
anyhow im ranting, and ive said this a million times by now, you are ofcourse free to do as you please
but this is my objections with egi
and it has nothing to do with it being “real” or” not”
hell this very thing is the same issues i have with the “x actor is x famous person/politician” aswell

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:43 AM


ZalYesterday at 7:43 AM

even if you are right it would not change anything
its spinning wheels
that was one of the things i actually liked about flat earth
it was about taking out nasa
had a set goal
obviously fizzled out now due to, too much potatoes
at least if you could prove nasa lied to common people en masse, things would change and people would be held accountable
proving x person is egi, will not do anything but further theire cause of insanity

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:47 AM

@Zal whereas i see the three topics as having the same outcome
ditto money
ditto atmosphere
ditto gravity
ditto spinning
ditto evolution
ditto torah/talmud

ZalYesterday at 7:50 AM

the people thinking these things up
making the agendas
are getting away with it
flat earth is only conspiracy to date ive seen that put taking the source out as a goal
probably why it got so heavily infiltrated
it would benefit EGI more to figure out what think tank spewed this crap out and expose those people
than proving joan of arc was a man with vague photos
like doctors nowadays keep symptoms in check instead of curing the disease
that is exactly what we are doing in conspiracy forums nowadays
discussing the symptom

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:53 AM

just so

ZalYesterday at 7:53 AM

glad you see it too, its driving me nuts lately

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:54 AM

but … dallasgoldbug has suggested a cure…. reform the nomination forms to mandate the citiing of birth cerfificates

ZalYesterday at 7:54 AM

then at least ill give him that
if he stopped making videos telling me the pope is elvis i would have found that video myself where he said that

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:56 AM

@Zal and he has the view that the world is a sphere

ZalYesterday at 7:57 AM

good agent
must get the top dollar

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:58 AM

and Rae West won’t let go of evolution and genetics

ZalYesterday at 7:58 AM

why do you still listen to those people?

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 8:02 AM

@Zal i engage with people to sharpen my own thoughts. These people have robust training and will engage for a while. Rae West has cut all contact in a dramatic style…

UNrealYesterday at 10:51 AM

@anounceofsaltperday I guess you are referring to the actor/actress Teri Hatcher – as always whenever a character is portrayed in a gender-typical setting we do have a lot of exemples that Hollywood love to make puns – what more enthusing to the Elite than to portray opposites and have the public mislead ? – Pertaining to EGI it is quite unfair and misinformed to equate Elite Gender Inversion research to the numerous YT transvestigation channels that merely play on sensationalism and ill-documented research to draw sometimes outlandish conclusions. – The intention of the research on the Fakeologist forum is actually not sensationalist nor solely image-based and represent quite the opposite track of most YT transvestigators. However, if you do not take the time to read and reflect upon the many aspects of gender-inversion brought forth in the Fakeologist EGI forum and just look at pictures it sure can be an easy escape route to brush it all in broad strokes as nonsense – despite the many valid arguments and publicly admitted exemples of secret transgenderism. – This #egi thread does not reflect anything more than loose discussion for those interested in EGI as a valid topic – and the many critics that despite the light tone of this media/discussion who continue to post the same shallow critique and viewpoints might actually be deceiving themselves more than anyone else as their incessant remarks really show that they are indeed intrigued by the subject and still unable to look at EGI with an open mind. —(edited)

UNrealYesterday at 11:05 AM

Teri Hatcher (18) at Fremont High School in 1982

Mr. UFOYesterday at 11:12 AM


anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:26 PM

@UNreal i think you have put your model very clearly … and I for one do not reject it. Do use your greater depth to review Terri and let me know what you think. The pic you have posted does have square jaw, big mouth, widely spaced eyes big hands, heavier brow and the hint of an adams apple. If she is a woman, then at least we can clearly establish that if I am going to make any pronouncements I need to do a lot more learning.

ZalYesterday at 4:27 PM

neither side can prove this
excersize in futility
but have at it….

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:29 PM

secondly…. I put forward the model that it is occurring, then it is most likely to be being done in the womb. That women that have conceived a male are fed the necessaries and placed in an environment which induces the outward sex to be the opposite of the conception

ZalYesterday at 4:30 PM

not very occams razor friendly

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:30 PM

my view is that these techniques have been known for a long time

ZalYesterday at 4:30 PM

sounds very elaborate for what gain exactly?

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:31 PM

in my lifetime @Zal i have come across at least one person where surgery was required to deal wiht this problem

ZalYesterday at 4:31 PM

like in my intense sarcasm earlier, i masturbated furiously to her in my youth, did not turn gay
so if that is the purpose its not worth the effort

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:32 PM

most women are not movie stars and their self image causes untold misery for themselves and for those that marry them
and drives them to do stupid things to themselves

ZalYesterday at 4:32 PM

well most men are not tech geniouses either
but they exsist
the body image angle is fair
but could be done with normal women

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:33 PM

so in my biblical view, this is done by Nakhash to increase suffering

ZalYesterday at 4:33 PM

if i were an elite i wouldnt bother
i cant argue against santa clause

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:34 PM

ok.. i am done on that for now
thanks for the sword crossing @Zal

ZalYesterday at 4:35 PM

again, motive is something i harp on
in sports there is one
np frank

UNrealToday at 3:11 AM

@anounceofsaltperday Your observations on Teri Hatcher are well made – her most strikingly male features from the high school pic are the wide set eyes, wide male dental arch, teeth and large mouth, square jaw, big ears, seemingly male hair quality, strong long neck and big head. – In other words, Hatcher has more male facial features than not which reminds us of how other confirmed EGI individuals look – like Caroline Cossey. When we further look at Hatcher’s body we unfortunately find more male typical features such as narrow hips, long humerus bone, prominent collar bones, defined neck/trachea, square shoulders and so forth. Her body also display particularly low male type body fat percentage (BFP is 2–5% in men 10–13% in women) which further show how this character possess very few feminine features alltogether. Teri Hatcher’s “femininity” is nearly exclusively found in female artefacts such as wardrobe, poses, makeup and acting. – (We must also presume Hatcher as most Hollywood stars has undergone various plastic enhancements - of which the first seems to have been a pointy chin implant as young like we have seen even done to young child actors. Chin alterations are of course "invisible" as the intervention can be made by dentists as plastic surgeons with incisions inside the mouth that leave no scar or visible traces)(edited)
What is troubling then is howcome we have been culturally influenced to admire predominantly natural male features as “sexy” female attributes. It would seem there is some form of transfer here where the Elite has lured the population into lusting for the same traits as themselves – allbeit for the wrong reasons. It might be hurtful to many, me included, that our ideals of beauty have been tampered with to such a degree as that we have ended up being more attracted to male features in women than to their true, natural feminine traits – but when thoroughly analysed we can verify for ourselves that this is in fact the case. – No doubt Caroline Cossey still look pretty “good” in pictures from her youth as a Bond girl – however there is no denying her (his) features are in reality more male than female. We are used to expressions like 'lipstick on a pig' but we might want to look at what 'lipstick on a man' can do as well. —(edited)
Caroline Cossey featured on Playboy cover in 1995 with an habitual “pun” – "Would YOU sleep with THIS woman?"
— Cossey / Hatcher – Same : body-type, body-head proportion, low body fat percentage, slim hips and visibly male bone structure - not to mention the artificial portayal of a female pose with hair over those defined collarbones and square shoulders(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 4:24 AM

@UNreal sadly i think you have it pegged
what is your view about WHY it is done?
is it genocide?
i can’t believe anyone was attracted to Cossey

UNrealToday at 4:56 AM

Well – it is a Spell. – The Elite have many occult practices we are not aware of, but their most obvious sign of trade is that they use inversion and subterfuge as they have the general population completely bewilded as to what is real and not. – In this sense, the Elite practice a fine-tuned art we might consider ‘magic’ in many occasions where they make illusion appear real – creating reality out of thin air. The public inversion of someones entire person and identity must be seen as a constitutional part of the craftmansship the Elite have proven to possess through their actions in every single area of society – what more profound than altering the very person that stand before us – true lifetime acting and dedication. – As far as creating an “in-group” the practice of EGI form a natural barrier against the common stock and only will allow fellow EGI aware entities to mingle. In this way, the dedication is total as is the difference to common men and women. I’d suggest a child brought up in an EGI family will find common sexual practices as unattractive as we find theirs. The cross-gender behaviour will natural to this group as they are brought up and conditioned to it – just as we have been tricked into finding masculinised women as the most “sexy” creatures there is. Our culture is heavily impregnated with cross-gender ideals unbeknownst to us all – until EGI that is – which explains why these apparently futile topics matter to the Elite for their own dissimulation amongst us and the public acceptance of their [personified] leadership. –
I’ve tried to elaborate on the reasons behind EGI in articles as well, but the sad state of affairs is that not many really can grasp the consequences of gender inversion as they so quickly jump onto sexuality, religion or criminal behaviour such as pedophilia. All these lines of reasoning are made to have us wiled up with emotion disabling our brain to factually analyse why the Elite proceed in the ways they do which is blatantly obvious nce you look seriously into the matter – but very hard to internalise if ypu remain a prisoner of your social conditioning and personal grievance of letting go of some personal idols and sexual fantasies. – There are many EGI entities in alternative media and who play amateur members of even sites like this. I personally do not think the EGI worship any “the evil/devil” but they have indeed insulted my person, intelligence and integrity and continue to do so – however “good” they find themselves on the other side making decisions that affect us all. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Elite think they are better than normal men and women and act treacherously to impose their reign of imbalance. —
@anounceofsaltperday Hereunder a [non-commercial] link to an article i wrote on the subject: –
The most obvious and pertinent question about Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) is surely the shortest and definitely very difficult to address : Why ?

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 4:59 AM

thanks for the effort to reproduce what you have no doubt writeen many times before. I appreciae your patience

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 5:00 AM

forbearance even

UNrealToday at 5:17 AM

@anounceofsaltperday Thanks – appreciated – i consider you are one of few that come into this EGI thread without a biased mindset and who get the premises behind the research efforts into Elite Gender Inversion. Many questions about EGI remain of course but these occult practices are indeed ongoing – and have been for a long while. – I’m personally over the point where i find it useful to discuss whether the Elite practice occult transgenderisation or not – and so i think should be the point of departure for this Fakeologist Discord #egi discussion thread. We need more intelligent debate on deeper aspects of EGI and not be in arrested development and 'Discord' over Elite Gender Inversion being real or not. – Sadly, it seems many ‘skeptics’ [often visually & intellectually impaired] individuals can’t let EGI go even though they claim to have no interest in it. Not that i don’t think they should, but if they find EGI so ill-researched and poorly argumented i’d hope they’d at least have the decency to not speak so often and loudly on a subject they admittedly never even researched seriously and even less likely ever entertained the mere idea that occult transgenderisation could be a real practice with long traditions. –(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 5:28 AM

@UNreal so you see no biblical connection?

UNrealToday at 5:36 AM

Symbolically – Yes. – The Elite use religion for much of their scare-tactics and rhetoric on the “exposure” of hidden Elite transgenderisation – and the bible equally serve as the disguise and legitimity of many contreived YT outlets and spokepersons. – I personally view religion as a tactic to rule men moreso than any testimony of divine or divinity and thus consider the bible a common religious production from only some centuries past.(edited)

ZalToday at 5:55 AM

in my view that last part is the best thing ever said in this channel
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